Ill Wind

Island landings

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The chance for mistakes is about equal to the number of crew squared. Ted Turner

8 days out of Crowns port bound for Hellsreach they sighted land, but it wasn’t Hellsreach.
With a squall blowing up Ayn decided to anchor in the unknown islands natural harbor and ride it out, once in the harbor it became clear they were not alone. A recent wreck decorated the base of the cliff.
After the storm peterd out Ayn left Tharinus in charge of the ship and took the other ashore to explore the wreck and replenish for supplies. As they investigated the wreck they were set upon by, he claimed, the last survivor of the crew. Captain Thoreack, A man driven quite mad. Amide his raving he spoke of a Sorcerer who’d cut the anchor cables leading to the wreck and had stolen the long boat, and was still on the island. On hearing that it was decided to pursue the source and Thoreack agreed to go with them in exchange for passage to Hellsreach, in spite of having his own ‘ship’ and the “’orrid” fate they had befallen his former shipmates who had followed the sorcerer.



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