Ill Wind

Unnecessary entaglments

In which the crew meets the spider riders

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My field is with apex predators, hence your crocodiles, your snakes, your spiders.
Steve Irwin

As we left our intrepid heroes they were assembling on the beach ready to venture into the forbidding forest there in to confront a dread sorcerer.
With Sere, scouting ahead. Drift, and Ayn bringing up the head of the rest of the group. Thoreack, in the middle, and Tharinus, Stryx, taking up the rear they started inland.
They decided to try to lure the Sorcerer to them using Stryx, who managed to assume the aspect Thoreack quite uncannily, as bait, and their plan worked, but not in the way they anticipated, as 3 small goblin creatures riding giant spiders emerged from the brush and demanded surrender.
They however refused to surrender and in the ensuing brawl, killed all three spider riders, but not before Tharinus was brutally mauled and only saved by Driftwoods swift action.

Total XP, 270 Pts Each



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