Ill Wind

The Adventure Begins

There are three sorts of people; those who are alive, those who are dead, and those who are at sea. – Old Capstan Chantey

It was a perfect opportunity, a ship outfitted for raiding and poorly guarded waiting on the docks, and three bold adventurers seized it.
Séreméla Lossëhelin and Ayn Bloodsea working togeather and Helmer the Unfeeling operating on his own.
After initial conflict, they have decided to pool their forces.
While Ayn and Helmer inspect the ship, Sere has gone to find some hands to assist in running the ship and has experienced some early successes by recruiting a tall sailor with a scar across his forehead.
As we left our intrepid heroes Ayn and Helmer had just broken down the door to the captain’s cabin, and Sere and the sailor had just left the Drowned Rat Tavern.

The Ship

The ship is a two masted dromon, not dissimilar to a smaller version of this;

It takes a crew of about five to sail, or 20 rowers.
Ayn’s investigations have revealed that while well built, it has been poorly maintained, and has many dubious repairs.


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