Ill Wind

In which Helmer Dies

The still of the night was shattered by hideous spider riding brigands looking for blood!
*Dm takes deep breath *
So the characters fought the spider riders, and defeated them, capturing one alive, suffered minor injuries all round, Oh, and Helmer got his.
Total XP, 530 Pts Each


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War is horrible, but peace, it must be said, is boring. Charles de Gaulle

Stryx does what every self-respecting adventurer does, Search the corpses for loot and clues or for maps of the island. “You okay?” Drift askes. Tharinus spits out a tooth and says ‘I be fine’

“Anyone else need patching up? I don’t have a lot to go around, but I’ve got some.”
Ayn puts away his shortbow and arrows before skimmying down the tree, eyeing the goblin corpses rather distastefully. “Need someone to see if there are anymore coming. The one sounded that horn.” Glancing at Driftwood, he shakes his head. “I’m fine.”
Stryx glances around nervously at the spider bodies “Can’t we uh…. just leave?”
Sere brushes herself off with a weary smile, “I’m okay, Drift. Thank you. How is everyone else?” She looks around to assess the damage and disapproves. “That didn’t seem to go so well…”
He grins at Sere’s thanks. “You are very welcome.” he looks at Tharinus again, “Might want to hang back a bit if there’s any more fighting.”
The spider riders have some gear (weapons armor, saddels) all porly made and primtive and a few coins each, the leader has an ornate horn with brass bands carvings of spiders
Tharinus-’didn’t work that well last time, I thinks a heads on aproch is fer the best’
Nodding to himself, Ayn grabs one of the morningstars. Looking it over, he walks towards Thoreack and holds the weapon out towards the old man, “Here. You can have this. I want my blade back, if you’d please.” He grins and tilts his head to the side. “Not too found of being away from them, in all honesty.”
Thorack grimices and hands the cutlass back, tacking the morning star he says ‘More ta me tast any ways, if they makes it past the first blow a little rust n’ grime can work a treat on um’
He smiles (or contiues to grimmince, it’s hard to tell) evily
“Juuuuust want to remind you all that they did sound that horn for back-up…. so…. I think we should move on….”
At hearing Stryx’s reminder, Sere starts and looks around quickly. “Stryx is right, we should move on before we get ambushed, Ayn. More will be coming along.”
“Well, lets try to get a goblin alive next time. Maybe we can ask him where the wizard is. Maybe he made the spider horn for them.”
“Ooooooor they live here…. and will be coming soon….”
Ayn nods slightly and puts the sword into its sheathe at his side. Idly ruffling his bangs as he stares down at Thoreack, the Human nods and grins before turning about. “Sere take point. Tharinus and Thoreack in the middle, Stryx and Drift ahead of them, I’ll take back. Let’s keep moving. Eyes open, ears alert.”
Thorack-’what’s this about letting a enamy live?’
On my Ship we don’t let enamys live ‘less we can get a fat ransom which ain’t that often, now I think on it, better to kill ‘em now and ask questions never. Then still talking under his breath he takes his place in line morning star cleched tightly in his fist
"We’ll see what we can do. Now get yerass movin, cap’n. Gotta keep movin’ while it’s still light." Ayn then strings his bow over his back and draws one of his cutlasses, glancing at the edges of the forest around them.
Sere leads on point, her crossbow aimed level as she scans about.
The forest apears to be empty
Stryx, upon realizing he is still disguised as Thoreack, starts grunting and acting surly “Grrr, we better find that damn sorcerer soon…..”
Sere continues to press forward until she is told or decide otherwise.
Thoreack-‘Stop that, it Ain’t canny’
“But it’s mah nature.”
Ayn takes up the rear, rolling his eyes at Stryx’ antics. “May get ye t’ imitate the lil’ girlie later on. Thinkin’ it may make fer some good ole laughter, eh?”
Hearing that even though she’s far away from Ayn, Sere calls back, teasing, “If Stryx is gonna play at me, I get a go at you, Ayn.”
“…ehhh. As long as you don’t do such a pisspoor job o’ it this time.”
Drift grins quietly.
Tharinus-‘I thought the plan wasn’t ta attrct an MORE atention’
Sere arches an eyebrow at Ayn’s remark, but otherwise remains silent and continues pressing on through the forest, trying to stay alert.
As you continue onward the ground is steadly rising
“Further and further inland.”
“And still no sign of this sorceror of yours, Thoreack.”
“e’s ‘ere Somewhairs, watin’ ta stab us in the back with ‘is ’orrific spell a’ destruction” as thoreack speaks ‘e becomes more and more agited
“So you say. But we shall have to see? Besides, with how thick the forest is, he’d have to be fairly close to cast any spells on us. Seeing your target is rather necessary to aim." He shrugs one shoulder carelessly. “SO I think we’re safe for the time being.”
“Oh, Stryx…what were the spider-riders saying earlier? I…uh, guess you understood them. Since you spoke the same language.” Driftwood
“They said to surrender and that more were coming…. more or less…. I was scared…..”
“Heeeeeey Thoreack…. are sure this sorcerer has been in the forest the whole time??
‘Thats what I though asleep in me bunk, right up untill the rendin’ and the crashin’ started, Ya don’t underestamate a foe if ye wannta live, lad’
“Did anyone check to see if that horn was magical? I mean, spiders don’t normally work with goblins right?”
“Oh! Oh! I coulda done that.”
“…hum. Magic an’ me…don’ quite get along.” Ayn shrugs. “…and I’m thinkin’ we left th’ blasted thing back with th’ corpses.”
“I’m starting to think this sorcerer doesn’t even exist…. which really affects my game….”
“I thought you were bored of the game?”
Tharinus-‘Me old man used to say "Son, ya don’t wanta be a captain, tis the captain’s job ta look ahaid of every one else, an’ deside what the best corse is, an’ ye don’t wanta ‘ave ta deal with that" Wise man my father.
"I was…. doesn’t mean I don’t wanna play….."
“Really? My father used to tell me that to be a captain all you needed were balls of steel and the courage and skill to back them up.” He lets out a low laugh, starting to relax slightly.
“Hey now, there are some very nice lady captains out there too.” chuckling as well.
“Aye. An’ I wouldn’t want ter mess with any one o’ ‘em. Crossin’ blades with them crews…not e’en m’dear ole father dared it.”
Sere smiles at that, never stopping to think about female captains and how well they would fare at sea. She imagined they did just fine by themselves.
Thorack-’I’ve always said the captain’s the man who yells lowdest an’ kill the most, Navy didn’t did see it me way though, that’s why I ‘ad to get me own ship
“Only after you killed the crew and took command yourself, aye?” Ayn says, letting out a chuckle.
“You must have been in the wrong navy. I know a few where that have gotten you some admiral stars.”
’Yeah that was me problem, wrong navy, wrong dammed navy’
Stryx lets out an overly loud sigh which slowly turn into a groan “Can I got back to the ship?”
“Nah. We’re gonna stay the night on the island. I’m not feeling like leaving an enemy behind, aye?”
“Yeah, might as well spend the night, if we don’t find him by then, he’s probably already magic’d himself off the island.”
Thoreack-Aye! No prisiners an’ No survivers!
“But maybe the Goblins killed him! That’d be great right??”
“That’s enough chatter for now. Let’s keep moving for another couple hours. Also, watch out for any game or fruits to eat. Maybe can find a creek to camp by a bit further in, Aye?”
“Hmph…..” So, you continue inland the ground steadaly rising and the forest slowly thining out, after 40 minuter you reach a stream, with some elk drinking upstream of you
“What now Capt’n?” Tharinus Asks
Stryx lies down on the ground with a plop
Ayn glances down towards the Elk before shaking his head slowly. “Break here for a bit. Get a good drink, rest our feet. Take a moment to think.”
Drift takes a moment to get some fresh water from the stream, such a thing being luxory at sea.
Thoreack-‘Think? Who needs ta think? I say we keep goin’, Kill anythin’ that moves, Put to sea, an’ repeat’
Sere too takes a moment to enjoy the water, crouchind down and then leaning forward to splash some upon her face. She sighs at the cool, crispness of the water.
“Aye. T’think. An’ that is why when ye get aboard my ship to leave this gods-forsaken island, Thoreack, ye’ll be listenin’ to m’orders,” the swashbuckler snaps at the older man before slipping next to the creek. Leaning down, he cups his hands and takes a drink of the water.
‘Aye Aye Capn’t, Your excelence, Sah!’ and throws a salute
Sere glances about at the others, almost as if just now thinking about the dispositions of everyone else in their party. “I guess so. For me it’s a rare treat to be out in the wilderness, so I guess I’m not minding it so much. Especially in a climate so tropical as this.” She frowns at the way Ayn and the older captain seem to be fighting, wondering why they can’t seem to get along. But then she settles to the conclusion that you just can have two captains on one boat.
Tharinus goes over to the stream and tries to wash off the (his) blood
“Its been awhile, even when on land I’ve always lived in a port town. Something about the sea nearby is relaxing. Even so, I do have elven blood in my veins and taking a stroll through the woods is kind of fun.” drift says. He also makes sure to be upstream of Tharinus
Tharinus mutters “Fun, yeah that’s the word fer it”
Stryx rolls over to the stream, sticks his head under the water, takes a big gulp, and pulls his head back out “Are we gonna sleep nowww??”
Ayn stands up and looks up the creek, frowning. He idly drums his fingers against his thigh. “I’ve been away from the sea too long, really.”
“An hour is to long ta me mind”
“Hours, days…” he shrugs again, still staring upstream. “Thoreack, did you do any exploring around the beach of the island?”
“How many water sources do yout think there are on the island?”
‘ard ta tell, all the streams I saw came from up threre"he grutured up the slope"but I was to smart ta go inta far the forest, the other they did, an’ didn’t come back, but Thoreack was to smart fer that."
“And how many did you see?”
“’alf dozen, give er take”
“Plenty to go around at least.”
“Sere, Drift. How would you feel about making camp here tonight? Tharinus? That fine with you?”
“Works for me.”
Tharinus-Little open don’t ya think?
Sere nods in agreement as well, “I’m fine with that, Ayn.”
Stryx gets up and heads behind a tree “Almost forgot who I looked like!”
Ayn grins and shakes his head. “We’ll camp back in the trees. Only a small camp fire, buried so the flames can’t be seen. Also use wood on the ground, if you can. Try not to cut any off the trees.”
Thoreack-Not ta cut wood off the trees?
“No. Leave as little sign to our campsite as possible.”
Stryx comes back out looking like his normal hooded and covered self, though about 1 foot taller and even bigger than before “How do I look? Think it’ll scare anyone that sees us at night???”
“Deadfall burns better then green wood anyway.”
Thoreack-We shouldn’t camp, the Sorcerer’s out thair watchin’ waitin’ fer of us ta slip, then he blasts us ta ‘ell an’ back, An’ thair are the spiders, bet thairs more of the, oh yes, more of them, an thai’ll be watchin’ an’ thai’ll be waitin’ ta avenge thair mates, We ain’t got a chance if we camp, esey pray, oh yes
Drift will start gathering up some fallen wood, leaving the digging to those more inclined to do so.
“We’re camping here. And we’ll be keeping watch. Besides..” Ayn grins. “If the sorceror wants to come at us a tnight, then our lovely Elfs will be able to see him far more easily and we can have done with him.”
Tharinus-I be seein only one lovely elf
Ayn points to Drift and Helmer. "They’re Elves, too.
“But not lovely, not by a long shot”
“And Stryx…how well can you see in the dark?”
Tharinus- Sere goes a bright shade of red at Tharinus’ remark and looks down at her hands, and then her feet which she has begun shuffling just slightly. Once she managed to compose herself, she looks at Stryx intently, wondering if he really can see in the dark perfectly.
“Heh. See? We’ll be fine.” Nodding, he then walks a short way into the woods and begins to search for a good spot to make their fire, and then begins clearing the area of brush.
“Of course…. then again…. maaaaaybe I can’t”.
Thoreack-Can we tie it up? An’ throw it into the cove? with an’ ancher? Now?
“Shut up and start gathering fire wood, Stryx.” Ayn orders
When driftwood gets back he dumps some wood on the ground, “Did I just lose another beauty contest?” he grinned, “Sere, always stealing my dreams.” he teases and glances about. “Anyone bring a shovel?”
“I didn’t…”
Stryx goes around kicking some sticks and picking others up “Hmph…. nobody like my jokes…..”
Thoreack-Got a fillet knife I not be usin’, Yet
Stryx, satisfied at the 5 sticks he picked up, begins telling old tales of people dying in their camps at night in forests
Thoreack readys his morening star in one hand, his fillet knife in the other an’ puts his back to the largest tree he can find his eyes darting over the suronding gloom
“They’re just bards’ tails Thoreak, you don’t need to worry.”
“It ain’t the tales that worry me”
Ayn removes his sword belt and sets it on the ground next to him. Drawing out both cutlasses, he also grabs an old piece of cloth and begins to shine the weapons, chuckling at Stryx’ stories. After he’s done polishing his weapons, he crosses them on his lap, gripping the hilts lightly as he looks around their surroundings.
Ayn pulls out a piece of flint and uses his cutlass with it to light the kindling they had gathered andbuilt up, then slowly feeds larger pieces of wood until the small fire is going. “Me and Sere will take first watch. Stryx and Thoreack second. Tharinus and Drift third.”
Thoreack- “I wont be sleepin’”
“You…. won’t….?”
"No chance in ‘ell
“Won’t you be tired tomorrow?"
“Better then bein’ dead tonight”
“Your loss. If you slow us up tomorrow, then we’ll not be waiting up.”
Stryx takes his sword out and tries to stay as focused as possible….. for him. Tharinus curles up as close to the fire as possable and closes his eyes.
Ayn walks over next to Sere and sits down beside her, smiling lightly before leaning back and closing his eyes. “Wake me for my watch.”
Sere nods silently, “Sure” she adds quietly and watches him fall sleep. Then she turns her attention to the rest of the camp and watches as they all, excepting the watchers and thoreack, drift off.

Unnecessary entaglments
In which the crew meets the spider riders

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My field is with apex predators, hence your crocodiles, your snakes, your spiders.
Steve Irwin

As we left our intrepid heroes they were assembling on the beach ready to venture into the forbidding forest there in to confront a dread sorcerer.
With Sere, scouting ahead. Drift, and Ayn bringing up the head of the rest of the group. Thoreack, in the middle, and Tharinus, Stryx, taking up the rear they started inland.
They decided to try to lure the Sorcerer to them using Stryx, who managed to assume the aspect Thoreack quite uncannily, as bait, and their plan worked, but not in the way they anticipated, as 3 small goblin creatures riding giant spiders emerged from the brush and demanded surrender.
They however refused to surrender and in the ensuing brawl, killed all three spider riders, but not before Tharinus was brutally mauled and only saved by Driftwoods swift action.

Total XP, 270 Pts Each

Island landings

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The chance for mistakes is about equal to the number of crew squared. Ted Turner

8 days out of Crowns port bound for Hellsreach they sighted land, but it wasn’t Hellsreach.
With a squall blowing up Ayn decided to anchor in the unknown islands natural harbor and ride it out, once in the harbor it became clear they were not alone. A recent wreck decorated the base of the cliff.
After the storm peterd out Ayn left Tharinus in charge of the ship and took the other ashore to explore the wreck and replenish for supplies. As they investigated the wreck they were set upon by, he claimed, the last survivor of the crew. Captain Thoreack, A man driven quite mad. Amide his raving he spoke of a Sorcerer who’d cut the anchor cables leading to the wreck and had stolen the long boat, and was still on the island. On hearing that it was decided to pursue the source and Thoreack agreed to go with them in exchange for passage to Hellsreach, in spite of having his own ‘ship’ and the “’orrid” fate they had befallen his former shipmates who had followed the sorcerer.

Leaving port

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The sea hates a coward. Eugene O’Neill

The seller hired to run the ship has revealed his name to be Tharinus, and another man, A elf who calls himself Driftwood, was recruited.
It was also discovered there was a stowaway aboard, Athestryx, well some (notably Helmer) were all for pitching him over the side in the end he was allowed to join the crew.
With Ayn at the helm the Ship set sail for Hellsreach and adventure!

The Adventure Begins

There are three sorts of people; those who are alive, those who are dead, and those who are at sea. – Old Capstan Chantey

It was a perfect opportunity, a ship outfitted for raiding and poorly guarded waiting on the docks, and three bold adventurers seized it.
Séreméla Lossëhelin and Ayn Bloodsea working togeather and Helmer the Unfeeling operating on his own.
After initial conflict, they have decided to pool their forces.
While Ayn and Helmer inspect the ship, Sere has gone to find some hands to assist in running the ship and has experienced some early successes by recruiting a tall sailor with a scar across his forehead.
As we left our intrepid heroes Ayn and Helmer had just broken down the door to the captain’s cabin, and Sere and the sailor had just left the Drowned Rat Tavern.

The Ship

The ship is a two masted dromon, not dissimilar to a smaller version of this;

It takes a crew of about five to sail, or 20 rowers.
Ayn’s investigations have revealed that while well built, it has been poorly maintained, and has many dubious repairs.


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